Hi love! My name is Angela Papa and I am SO excited you are here! I am a multidimensional being (we all are!) with so many facets of myself and my mission on this planet. I am Mystic Guide, Intuitive Astrologer, Transformational Coach and Breathwork Facilitator. My mission on this earth is to help humanity heal, awaken and raise their vibration. I support humans in stripping away all the layers of conditioning, pain, trauma and fear so that they can feel deep into their essence and mine for the gold that lie within and start living with an open heart.

I am passionate about helping my clients create and start living the life of their dreams. I believe every person on this planet came with a divine purpose, which I use a combination of astrology and channeled guidance to illuminate for clients.  I trust there is divine love outpouring from the universe and the cosmos that want to assist you in aligning with your purpose and bringing your deepest desires to life and my intention is to bring you into deeper awareness and embodiment of this universal truth. I am here to help you remember your greatness, step into your power and your purpose, while letting go of the patterns and limiting beliefs keeping you stuck.

Through astrology, ritual, Embodiment Breathwork and esoteric wisdom – my deepest service is to support you on your journey of healing and of aligning with the highest version of yourself. The person you came to this Earth to be.

I am here to show you that magic is real.


I’ve been in contact with the angelic realms ever since birth. Yes, I am starting my story allllll the way back to my birth, because well, it’s a crucial part! Back in 1992, I had a difficult time entering this Earth plane. I was born premature, with my family being told that both my mother and I were not making it through alive. Luckily, the angels had a different plan, scooping my mother and I on their wings and keeping us tethered to this Earth, both of us making it out alive. Because of this, I have known from a very young age that I had a divine purpose on this planet. I had the angels and the spirit realm on my side, I knew they kept me here for a reason. This deep knowing has stayed with me for my entire existence.

Through my adolescent years, like many star children, I felt deeply misunderstood and alone. I went through a period of deep depression, ultimately taking it out on myself. My emotions were too big, too scary to feel. At that time, I felt as if I had no control over my life, like it was not safe to be myself. One thing that helped me get through, was looking up at the night sky, and remembering that we are not alone. Remembering the vastness of the universe, and that we came with a greater plan for ourselves. As I grew into an adult, the pattern of shoving my emotions down continued with the assistance of other vices. I was becoming more and more disassociated with myself, with my body. Until the angels intervened again, at a time where my life was in serious risk. I was involved in an incident which brought me very close to death’s door.  Alas, the angels brought me back, the doctors had no explanation onto how I was alive. I felt the angels in the room. And I have felt them with me every day since then. This is when I felt the divine for the first time. I was reminded of my divine purpose. I was reminded that I wanted to ENJOY LIFE! That I have a mission on this planet! Why am I telling you all this? Because I had to go through the darkest depths to finally find the light. It was time to awaken and free myself. I am here to support you in this and show you that you can, too.

It was shortly after that moment that spirituality came into my life and I had my Spiritual Awakening. And well, the rest is history. I started to remember why I came here, and began my healing journey. Let me make something clear, healing isn’t linear. Its up, down, sideways, forwards, backwards, and beyond. But that is where the beauty lies. And that is what I started to learn. For me, healing looked like this: Going down the rabbit hole of astrology and learning deeply about myself and my blueprint in the sky. For the first time in my life, I felt deeply seen and understood. My life started to make sense. I started to realize why I had to go through those dark times in my life; they were lessons, initiations of sorts. They deepened my ability to hold others through times of deep healing, because I have help myself through it. I realized that I am here to help people awaken to their greatness, their divinity, their true power that lies within, to assist in deep healing. In order to be of service in this way, going through my own darkness and pulling myself out was critical. I got all of that out of my first astrology reading I ever gave myself. That’s when I knew I wanted to use this gift to help others awaken to their purpose, gain clarity on their path, and to feel deeply seen and understood.

Another huge part of my healing journey was returning home to my body and creating a deep relationship with her. All the shoved down emotions live somewhere in the body, and I went on a deep journey of feeling, healing and releasing them. This led me to my 360 approach to healing and awakening: through the body, the spirit and the mind. Once I created a deep relationship with my own embodiment, my gifts and intuition really began to flourish. I noticed huge shifts with my inner and outer world.

Throughout my years of healing and diving into esoteric and spiritual studies, one of the biggest lessons that stood out to me was that the universe is always conspiring on your side, everything is happening for you, not to you. You are always supported. Whatever you have healed and held yourself through, you can also do so for others. Liberation and freedom are not only possible, but they are waiting for you on the other side. Within your biggest pain points and fears lie nuggets of gold and gifts. There are always two sides to every coin. This is why I am here, to help you realize that, too. I am here to hold you as you heal; and to find the gifts, purpose and magic that lie within you, while illuminating your path to your most aligned and abundant life.


Angela has been a student of astrology for 8 years and is a self-taught Astrologer. She believes Astrology is the language of the universe and the roadmap to the soul’s purpose. She encourages all of her clients to be familiar with their birth chart to live their most aligned life.

Additionally, in her pursuit to her passions and purpose, Angela studied under Alexandra Roxo to become a certified Embodiment Breathwork Practitioner under the Radical Awakenings Method. This method uses breath, sound and movement as a healing modality, bringing one back into their body & heart and releasing trauma stored in the body. She is also a trauma-informed practitioner, meaning no matter your past traumas, she is equipped to hold you through your healing journey.

Angela has also been a crystal connoisseur for 9 years, starting a crystal jewelry business while she was in college, Moon Spell. She remains a crystal jewelry designer to this day, in which you can purchase pre-made pieces in the SHOP section or book an ASTROLOGY X CRYSTAL READING, an astrology reading where she makes you a personalized crystal jewelry piece based off your birth chart.