Astrology Readings

Your Cosmic Blueprint // Natal Chart Reading

Receive insight on why your soul incarnated at this time with an intuitive astrology reading. Your astrological birth chart is a map of the sky the moment you were born, and it gives a blueprint to the most purposeful and aligned life you can live. Whether you are looking for guidance on what your purpose is, what your career should be, or maybe you just want to know why you are feeling a certain way; this astrology reading will provide the clarity and guidance you have been yearning for.

This session will be an in-depth look at your cosmic blueprint to help you better understand yourself and your journey on this Earth in this lifetime. I will provide you with intuitive guidance on how to best navigate the energies in your chart and how to activate your gifts.

Soul Abundance Reading

An analysis of your astrology chart from a financial prospective. This reading will be conducted in a manner with the focus being on how you generate your wealth and most abundant life. This reading will include an in-depth look at your “money story” in this lifetime, including how you can unlock your abundance and live your most prosperous life.

This reading includes guidance on your condition of your personal assets/money and how to best obtain them, if investing is a prosperous path for you, as well as if you should have your own business and what that will look like, and how collaborations will help you further unlock your abundance, if applicable. I will provide insight and guidance on how to make the best use of the energy the stars have in store for you from a financial and business standpoint including personal financial decisions, investing and business decisions/planning.

I come from a professional background with a Bachelors Degree in Business and Accounting, 7 years in Public Accounting, and 8 years of studying Astrology. This offering combines all of these facets of my experience in a mystical, yet grounded and logical approach to finances.

Your soul incarnated here with a path to your most abundant life, this reading is here to illuminate that path for you.

Disclaimer: This is not financial consulting – this is an astrology reading with a financial focal point.

Astrology Reading + Personalized Jewelry

Receive insight on your cosmic blueprint with an intuitive astrology reading & your own personalized talisman to wear daily! You will receive an astrology reading where we will dive deep into why your soul incarnated at this time, what lessons you are going through, and where your gifts lie and how to unlock them!

After your reading, I will design a personalized piece of crystal jewelry that will assist you through navigating your cosmic blueprint and unlocking the energies that lie within your chart. Each piece will be one of a kind and made specifically for your natal chart. The crystals will be handpicked, programmed, and tuned to anchor in the energies to catalyze your transformation and unlock your inner gifts. Each time you wear your jewelry you will feel the strong frequencies working on your energetic body, bringing you into alignment with your highest purpose!

You will receive a description of the crystals used, their energies, and how to work with them along with your jewelry.

This is a powerful combination of illumination, clarity, and embodiment. Allowing yourself the time and space to receive the cosmic guidance from the universe, channeled through me, and anchoring in the energies that work best for your cosmic blueprint in the physical while you wear your jewelry. I am so excited about what this powerful portal of transformation will open for you!

Please allow a processing time of 7-14 days after your reading for your jewelry to be made. I want to ensure the highest quality and best crystals for you, so I may need to obtain the crystals if I do not have the ones that fit your needs best!