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death & rebirth: a message for Scorpio season ✭

inspiration… a breath of fresh air.  the sun beams hitting the trees.  reflecting off the colorful leaves.  the graceful dance as they fall to the ground.  they become so beautiful in their death.  as they enter into their darkness; they radiate their true colors.  why are we not taught to look at death like this?  like a process.  a cycle. of grace. of beauty. of release.  

things must die in order for new to come in. to be birthed.

what must you let die?  patterns? thoughts? relationships? career choices? caring about what others think?

life is a paradox. a balancing act. a game of light and dark.  there cannot be one without the other.  yet, one exists in the other.  they are separate, yet they are the same. they are one.

the death of yourself as you are now. that is the dark.  so the new you can be reborn into the light.  the person you’ve always dreamed of being.  what is holding you back from being that person? money is an excuse. time is an excuse.  its all within you. but you must sit in the dark to find out.

let the fresh air in.  let breath move through you. look at the world around you with love in your eyes. look at your life with love in your eyes.

there is nothing to fear. look at the trees.  how lovely are they as they shed their old skin? they show us how beautiful it is to let dead things go.

in order to grow. to be reborn. to be the best version of yourself. without any limitations.  your most authentic self. the self that wakes up everyday in gratitude and love to be doing the things that they do. to feel fulfilled. 

you must die first.

sink into the darkness. revel in your death. do not fear; the light will illuminate. as the golden sun rays beam through the trees.

look at all the treasures your death has to offer you. all the space it creates. the blank slate that is presented. you are starting a new life. you are being born again. you hold the key. what life do you want to live? who do you want to be? without any limitations. anything is possible. close your eyes. what do you see?

feel it. breath it. speak it. embody it. align with it. its here. its yours to keep. know and believe you are worthy. know it is possible. 

now become it. thread every action you take with it. hold every emotion and feeling that comes with it.  feel into what being that person, doing that thing, feels like. own it. with integrity. with love. with grace.

Sending you so much love.

Love & Light, (3)




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