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FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN △ reclaiming your power

On June 27/28th we will have a full moon at 6 degrees of Capricorn.  This full moon won’t exactly be a walk in the park, Capricorn energy has a rep of being a tad bit harsh.  However, with this moon conjuncting Saturn, we can be sure that the lessons to follow will be for our ultimate benefit.

We are being given an opportunity for a powerful change in direction.  But it is up to each of us to see what comes up around this time, take a deep look into it and take personal responsibility for changing anything that is in our power to change.  Even if it is just a shift in perspective.  

Use this energy to reflect on where you need to step up and take responsibility for yourself.  Saturn, the great teacher, will make you face anything you have been avoiding.  Stop avoiding the pain & discomfort.  Lean into it and embrace the growing pains.  As always, there will be lessons.  But the result will be setting new boundaries for what is/isn’t acceptable.  Even if the boundaries are within your own inner landscape. Look closely into the patterns and structures in your life.  Are there any?  Are they supporting you?  Are they in line with your highest version of yourself?  The self you want to be? Where did they stem from? Use this energy to create boundaries  as supporting structures that serve you.  

We are being invited to turn our wounds and our least desireable parts of self into forgiveness, radical self love and golden fuel.  An alchemical experience if we accept this call and take the journey within.  Show yourself compassion and acceptance when you are triggered by your wounds.  They may be hidden way beneath the surface, so don’t be afraid to dig deep.  Your life is on the brink of a full on re-coding if you do.  When our unconscious mind bubbles to the surface and spills over, we give birth to a new self.  Your oversoul’s directed growth. Honor the process.

The major message this energy asks of us is this:

Take a look at where you are letting your power leak.  Where you are handing it off to other people or other forces.  It is no one else’s to use or take advantage of besides yourself.

Reclaim your power in your day to day life, your habits.  Reclaim your power in your thoughts.  Reclaim your power in every way possible.  It’s more powerful than you think it is.





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