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LEO FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE: let your light shine

Something big is building.  Shift is happening.  Can you feel it?

On January 31, 2018 we are going to be blessed with a triple whammy of a celestial show.  There will be a full moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo.  This full moon will also be a Super Moon and a Blue Moon.  wowza.  What a way to start off eclipse season!

Let’s take a look at this 3 part show step by step.  Celestial phenomenon by celestial phenomenon.  The star of the show is the Lunar Eclipse.  This Lunar Eclipse and full moon will be stationed at 11 degrees Leo.  Sound familiar? Yep, this is the same exact sign that the August new moon Eclipse occurred. This means this Lunar Eclipse is directly related to the one in August. A continuation of its story. Need a refresh of what the August Eclipse was all about? You can remind yourself here. What has occurred for you in the past 6 months between the Eclipses? What has happened in relation to your journey? Did anything change for you? Maybe there were some small shifts. Small shifts are okay. Because this Lunar Eclipse is here to get the ball rolling. Eclipses are times of an energetic reset. This one will bring ENDINGS that are NECESSARY for your personal growth. This Eclipse will help you break through any sticky patterns.  What needs to end for you? What have you been holding on so tightly to over the past 6 months? Let. It. Go. The universe is reeeeeally serious this time. Yes, it can be scary to let go. But guess what? When you let go, you start to fly. Have you felt this building?

Now onto the Blue Moon.  A Blue Moon occurs when there are two full moons occurring within the same month.  The first full moon was on January 1st(also a Super Moon).  So, whats the big deal having two full moons in one month?  It rarely happens.  To make this Blue Moon even more special, it is the first of two in 2018.  This is even more rare.  The last time we had two Blue Moons in one year was in 1999, 19 years ago.  The next time we will have 2 in one year will be in 2037, 19 years from now.  There is something to be taken away from these events.  Take advantage & use the magic that is being offered to you.  If not, you will need to wait another 19 years to do so.

The energies at play are urging you to put you focus on the fact that its time for you to shine.  Brighter than ever before.  Brighter than you ever thought was possible. But in order to shine, you must be operating in your authenticity.  From your heart.  Take some time to drop in.  Drop into your heart center.  This full moon wants to help you find your true heart’s desire.  Take some time, do not rush.  Your ego will try to make its way in.  Your mind will try and get in the way.  You will know you have found your heart’s desire when you get a warm tingly feeling in your gut & in your heart.  An expanding feeling in your heart.  A feeling of excitement for the betterment of yourself and the collective as a whole.  Nothing more, nothing less.  The universe will fully support you in your success following your hearts desire.  Its beckoning on you to do so.  We are being called to lead COURAGEOUSLY with our HEARTS.  FEARLESSLY with our HEARTS.  To act out of LOVE.  To be fully empowered in our hearts space.  Like a strong lion.

There is an opportunity to make an offering of our magic to our hearts. To do so, we must love ourselves first.  Practice self love.  Make a habit out of it.  Show yourself so much love you didn’t think it was possible to love so much.  Make your body feel good. Use all of your senses. Self love involves the art of receiving.  The art of receiving involves the art of surrendering.  The art of surrendering involves the art of self forgiveness.  It may sound silly, and you may think there is nothing you haven’t forgiven yourself for.  I urge you to dig deeper.  Write yourself a forgiveness letter.  Let it all out, even if it doesn’t fully make sense.  I promise you will find some areas you were holding grudges.

This full moon Lunar Eclipse is a potent time to pull out all your magick tricks from your hat.  A time to dream.  A time to cast your spell.  Usually, the timing of your ritual doesn’t really matter in relation to the exact time of full moon.  But as this is such a rare event, timing your magic as close to the exact Lunar Eclipse/full moon will be most potent.  It will occur on Wednesday morning in America, 8:25 AM EST.  Since this is a morning culmination, doing part of your ritual in the morning and part at night will be the best use of realistic time.


  • Take some deep breaths. Center yourself.  Get out a piece of paper and write down everything you want to let go of.  What needs to end for you?  This can be thoughts, emotions, actions, people… anything that doesn’t align with your most authentic self. Go outside & say aloud “I release and let go of this once and for all.” or something of the sort.  Then burn the paper to show the universe your commitment.  Stay as quite as possible throughout your day and notice anything that comes up for you.


  • Charge your crystals under the moonlight.  Put some crystals in some water to charge as well.  Suggested crystals to put in the water are Rose Quartz, Morganite, Prasoilite, Quartz & Hematite.  You’ll be returning to this water later.
  • Cleanse your aura & space with either Palo Santo or Sage. Meditate with a piece of Rose Quartz lying on your heart chakra.  Imagine the crystal sinking into your chakra, becoming one with it.  With each in breath, imagine a white, golden light becoming brighter from inside your heart’s center.  With each out breath, imagine this light expanding.  Expanding more with each out breath, filling up your body, your room, your house, then out into the city around you, up into the cosmos.  Feel the never ending continuum of your light from the center of your heart.
  • Now that you are connected with your heart space, get out a piece of paper & write down your true heart’s desire.  Dream big here.  Nothing is too far fetched.  Remember what I was saying earlier in this post about your heart’s desires?  Go there.  After you are finished, go outside & recite your desire 3 times.  Then burn the paper to ashes.  Throw the ashes into the air.  The universe will handle it from there.  Be open and aware of how your desire manifests over the next few years.

I invite you to expand the flame in your heart.  To contribute your gifts to the collective.  To express your authenticity fully.  Unapologetically. And fully let your light shine brighter than ever before. There will be a magical moment at the time of the Lunar Eclipse.  Letting us know that it is a dawn of a new day.  

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