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LEO NEW MOON X SOLAR ECLIPSE: Harness it’s energy

On August 21, 2017 we are going to witness a rare, intense cosmic reset – a new moon in Leo as well as a full solar eclipse. Get ready & fasten your seatbelts, because it’s about to be a wild ride.

So, what the heck does a new moon solar eclipse mean, and why is it so powerful? New moons are a time to look inside yourself, shine a light on the hidden parts of ourselves, dig deep to access your deepest desires, and shed all that doesn’t align with your true self.  Solar eclipses provide us with rare opportunities to change our normal thought patterns & actions.  Eclipses literally shift cosmic energy, which in turn causes a huge shift within each one of us.  This brings rapid change and rockets us off into new directions, whether we are ready for it or not.  This Solar Eclipse will open up a powerful portal to a new way of life.  We cannot stop divine cosmic timing.  The time is now.

To truly embrace and harness the energy of the Eclipse, we must LET GO of CONTROL and FEAR and erase any expectations of what you would like to occur.  Be open, through your heart, to what this Eclipse may show or bring to you & listen closely.  Logic is not your friend with this Eclipse energy. Your intuition is.

We must make sure we take full advantage of the energies.Here’s what I’ll be doing(and you should be to) on Eclipse day:



As soon as you wake up, meditate. Before you check your email, browse Instagram or whatever it is you do….stop. Breathe. Connect.

You can do a guided meditation or simply sit in silence with yourself, whichever speaks to you.  I recommend the intention of your morning meditation to be centering yourself, aligning your chakras & opening your heart center.  This is so you will be open & receptive to the Eclipse energies rushing in.

My favorite meditation for this is a sound meditation, which can be found HERE.

At the time of the Eclipse, although it will be amazing to see, it is important to meditate. The best way to harness the ernergy of the Eclipse is to quiet your mind & understand it & create with it.  Depending on where you will be in the country during the Eclipse, you could have anywhere from a minute to three minutes of total darkness. The total Eclipse path will start around 1:30pm and end around 4pm EST. Here in New Jersey, we will be having 2 minutes of darkness at 2:44pm.

At 2:44pm I will be doing the following:

Either eyes open or closed(whichever you are more called to at the moment), take a long, concentrated inhale & exhale.  On the inhale, imagine a glowing white light beaming down from the universe to the top of your head, filling up your entire body all the way down to your toes. Stay with this breath a moment. Then, on the exhale imagine & feel all of this white light energy push out all that no longer serves you & penetrate out from all angles and directions of your body. The white light energy that is flowing into the top of your head is integrated now with each of your cells & you are illuminating the energy back out to the universe, connecting you to it.  It is an ongoing cycle between the universe and yourself with each breath you take.  The universe gives you the energy, you connect, integrate with it, and send your special energetic version of it back out, making your cosmic connection the strongest it has ever been.  Do this breath work and visualization for as long as you feel needed.



The intensity of the Eclipse is making all of us a little scatter-brained.  This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to ground your energy.  You need to connect yourself to the Earth.  Feel the energies of the Earth move throughout your being. You can do this in the morning of Eclipse day, or right before the Eclipse, whichever speaks to you more.

My favorite way to ground myself is by giving myself a nice & relaxing foot soak.  I soak my feet in a tub of hot water with Epsom salt & a couple drops of essential oil.  Usually accompanied with Black Tourmaline for extra grounding energies.  While soaking, I imagine & feel the energies of the Earth coming up into my feet, connecting me to it’s core.



With any strong cosmic event, a fire element is always beneficial.  With this new moon solar eclipse in the fiery sign of Leo, it’s crucial to add some fire to your ritual.

Burn sage or palo santo to clear your energy & your surrounding area.

Write down all that you want to let go of on a piece of paper.  Anything that is holding you back from reaching your true potential.  Anything that does not align with your being anymore.  After you finish your breath/light work meditation at Eclipse time, take your paper and burn it.  You may use a candle, or my favorite way is to light the edge of the paper over a metal bowl, watch the paper engulf in flames, drop it right before it becomes too much to handle, and watch it burn away.  As I light the paper, I usually say outloud, “As this paper burns, all that is written burns away from my life.  I let this all go now.” Once it has burnt to ash, take the bowl & throw the ashes into the air.  Feel all that was written leave you.  You should feel lighter from this, because you are.



Obviously, you’ll always want to take your crystals outside to charge for any new moon.  This one is no different.  However, for your ritual at Eclipse time, pick out as many crystals as you’d like to facilitate the harnessing of the Eclipse energy.  I will be making a crystal grid & holding a select few during my breath/light work meditation. Here’s the crystals that I’ll be using:

  • Black Tourmaline – for grounding & warding off negative energies that may try and bring you down when the energy rushes in
  • Apophyllite – for calling on your angels for guidance & connecting with the divine
  • Citrine – for manifesting
  • Quartz – to amplify the energies
  • Rose Quartz – to open up your heart center
  • Ammolite – to bring in miracles
  • Smoky Quartz – for letting go of all that no longer serves you

There is no right or wrong with which crystals you use for the Eclipse, just use your intuition.

This Solar Eclipse will give us a chance to reset.  To change the way we look at ourselves.  The way we love ourselves. The way we believe in ourselves.  It is an opportunity to step into our true selves with grace – to find out who we truly are.  We have the chance to align with our beliefs & call in the courage to actually live by them.  Instead of complaining about where your life is or is going, wake up.  Show up. See the shining light in front of you.  Create your own world, your own story, lead by example. Don’t fall victim to circumstance.  Just believe in yourself, take a leap.  Know that the universe will support you every step of the way.

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