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NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN: bringing your dreams into reality

What do you want to achieve? How would you like to feel?  What dreams are you ready bring down into reality?

This new moon wants you to take the time sit with your dreams Construct a blueprint for them. 

On January 16th we have a new moon in Capricorn.  This new moon is all about the Earthly plane.  Coming back down to Earth.  Working with your current reality.  We’ve had a lot of dreaming time lately.  Pin pointing what our heart’s desires are.  Examine your goals with a fine tooth comb.  Redefine them and infuse them with dedication. Be unapologetically fierce with them. Now is the time to figure out a plan to make your desires your reality.  

Use this new moon energy to really create a blueprint to your dreams.  This is a time to organize.  To plan out your dream.  Step by step.  Then activate it.  Initate it.  Step by step.  Slow and steady wins the race on this one, my loves.

What is it that your ready to get serious about now?  Commit to it.  The universe cannot help you unless you help it.  Work side by side with it.  Work your practical magic.  If we truly apply ourselves during this time we will get the outcome we desire.  This involves examining anything that is not in alignment with your dreams & desires.  What is creating disharmony in your life?  What isnt in alignment with your desires? Decide what should stay and what should go.  Then follow through with it.  LET IT GO.

What is something that you could use support with? What kind of support do you want this new moon to bring into your life?  Get real here.  You have a relationship with your desires.  Every relationship in life needs to know your intentions.  State them under this new moon.

This is an extremely important & potent time as we start out the new year.  The intentions you set under this new moon’s energies have the power to evolve into a full-blown empire by the time the corresponding full moon in Capricorn on June 28th.  Everything is a cause and effect.  Be sure you are clear and concise with your “cause” during this new moon.

To properly work with the energies at play, carve out some quiet time with yourself on this new moon.   Get still.

  • Cleanse your space & your aura with some sage or palo santo.
  • Get out your crystal friends. My suggested crystals to work with this new moon are: Citrine(for manifesting your dreams into reality), Garnet(to ground your energy deep into the Earth), Tigers Eye(for commitment, developing/encouraging discipline and concentration) and Pyrite(for courage, to overcome fears  & take action.)
  • Get out your journal & think about all of the questions mentioned above(bolded).  Use them as journal prompts. Then let your higher self answer them.  Don’t think too much.  Just start writing whatever comes out in response to the journal prompts.  It doesn’t have to make sense, just get it out.
  • When you get to the questions of “what is creating disharmony in your life”and “what isn’t in alignment with your desires”, answer these on a separate piece of paper.  What are the things, actions, people, thoughts creating disharmony in your life?  What truly isn’t in alignment with what your goals are? Your dreams are?  Get specific.  Make an intention with yourself to gracefully let it all go.  Maybe some of them aren’t so easy to let go?  Write down a possible plan to make them easier to let go.
  • When you are finished, reread everything you wrote down.  Ingest it.  Digest it.  Fold up the paper and leave it on your altar or bed stand for the entire time of the upcoming waxing moon.  Check back on it from time to time.  Are you holding your commitments to letting these things go?  On the next full moon on January 31st, take out the list.  Go outside.  Read it aloud to the cosmos.  Then burn it under the night sky.  Show the universe your commitment to being in alignment.

Our dreams and desires are so so close to us now.  We can almost touch them.  But we can only touch what is tangible & real.  They won’t become real unless you birth them into exsistence.  Don’t worry the universe will have your back.  This is not the time to shy away from what you don’t know.  This is the time to lean into your goals.  Commit to what you are getting serious about. You have a choice.  You can show up with courage & faith as you plan out your desires, or you can shy away at the intensity of your path to your dreams.  But there is one thing for sure: The rewards you will receive when you fiercely show up with courage on your life’s path will far outweigh any of your fears.  The consequences you will face if you do not show up & cater to your desires will harshly come in full force. What will you choose? The time is now.


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