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NEW MOON IN VIRGO ☾ it’s time to put yourself first

The themes of change that began with the total solar eclipse on August 21 continues on with the Virgo new moon.  The August 21 solar eclipse wanted us to make fearless moves towards our hearts desires.  To make the necessary changes needed.  This new moon is telling us that this new level of development towards our goals involves adapting to changing circumstances.


Pushing through transition, the merkiness, the fog – its messy, its restless, and downright uncomfortable…. but that is exactly where the growth lies. Focus on your commitment to growth, to change, the vision in your head – less on how you will get there. Give yourself some space, some room to sit back & breathe.  Loosen your grip on perfection. Reflect, meditate & just sit still.  Go back to the basics – to the real reason that you wanted to do this in the first place. Stay open and receptive. The guidance you are looking for will come.  The new moon’s energies will clear way to the denial or unrealistic expectations that have been fogging up our vision.

This new moon is also here to remind us of the most painful wounds from our past. Some crucial insights about our past wounds may need to come out in order to heal and get us to the inner balance we need.

  In order to move forward – you must begin to focus on the healing process your body is craving for.  

We are all being called to really pay attention to the current conditions of our mind so we can heal & step into our power. Once we have learned to put ourselves first, to make self-care & self-healing a priority, and to finally address any toxic thoughts weighing us down – we shift into our own power.  This new moon is here to guide us on how to do just that – by bringing healing energy to all areas, cracks & crevasses of our lives so we can mend any past wounds that may have surfaced.  As always, this means some inner work.  We are going to have to quiet ourselves, and go inwards in order to truly understand our thoughts, feelings, and most importantly – what our body is trying to communicate to us.

This is a powerful time to do some cleansing, both mentally & physically, to get rid of things that have become toxic.  Sage or Palo Santo is your best friend right now.

We may have habitually looked at ourselves in a critical or judgmental way.  It is important that we stay conscious of our thoughts, recognize these patterns as they arise and to make a mindful effort to instead look at ourselves with love and acceptance.  The times we are in right now are not easy.  Healing is not easy.  The most powerful thing you can do for yourself on your healing journey is to un-apologetically love yourself, your life, and your current path you are on.  You are your own biggest supporter, remember that.  Our bodies get so out of balance because of stress and the expectations we have to be a certain way. Use these energies to start a new way of thinking: to accept yourself exactly as you are and to nurture your body back to optimal health & balance rather than being critical or demanding.

Staring at our past wounds in the face, dissecting them, feeling & healing them….not always so easy.  Self-care, self-love, reflection…. not always so easy.  Here’s some tips that will aid you:



  • ROSE QUARTZ- for self-love, acceptance, to ease the task of self-care
  • AMETHYST- helps bring the power to heal emotional wounds, brings self-knowledge & insight, calms the nerves/anxiety, aids in personal growth
  • GARNET- helps clear out ingrained behavior patterns that are no longer serving you, aids in letting go of obsolete ideas
  • BLUE CALCITE- for accepting yourself(even your imperfections), rids your spirit of self-criticism
  • PREHNITE- enhances your efforts to seek inner wisdom, lighting your path to understanding
  • CITRINE- for manifestation

Cleanse your crystals using sage or palo santo.  Let them outside on the night of the new moon to soak up their energies.  Meditate with them, place them under your pillow, carry them with you. Feel the intention put into them heal you.



Journaling is such an effective method when doing some inner reflection.  Quiet your mind, take a few deep yogic breaths, and ask yourself…

“What do I really need right now? What does my body need right now?  What is my body trying to tell me? What is the most nurturing, loving thing I can do for myself right now?”

ACCEPT whatever comes up, whether you are a fan of it or not.  Resonate with your soul.


This year has  been a wild ride so far – bringing changes and new beginnings for many of us.   But we aren’t quite where we need to be yet.

Now – it is time to go within and listen to the wisdom of your own mind, body and soul.  Listen to what it needs, feed it, and watch your magic unravel.




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