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NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE IN ACQUARIUS: shifting to a new perspective

The only constant thing in life is change.  What’s your relationship to change?  Start to lean into it and embrace it.  Find ecstasy in the shift.

We are currently experiencing a shift of consciousness, individually and as a whole.  It is a choice whether you partake or not.  When we choose to change how we perceive reality & surrender to the shift, we can access clear insights, inspirations, and solutions.  And we will have the directions to take us there.  

On February 15th, 4:05 EST we have a new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius.  Solar eclipses are like a reset, a reboot.  A pause.  This solar eclipse is a reset to a new level of understanding our realities.  But in order to move forward with this reset, we must break out of our past thought patterns and conditioning.  Create space for the new ways of living to come in.  This is when we can expand into a new way of life.  With this new moon taking place at the South Node, it is an urge for a karmic resolution to take place.  Urging us the importance to release the patterns holding us back from our progress.

This is a process.  Once we release and make space, we must pay attention to the next couple of weeks.  Pay attention to what is being revealed to us.  What insights we are having.  Keep a journal handy at all times.

We are in a time of change.  And we are in a time of patience.  A push and a pull.  But that is where balance happens.  That’s where presence happens.  Be present, stay quiet as possible and stay open to anything coming through.

On the day or night of the new moon, carve some time out for yourself.  Cleanse your space.  Light a candle.  Meditate.  Meditate on releasing the old conditioning and bringing in the new way of thinking.  Set an intention to receive your insights.  Your revelations.  Write it on a piece of paper and set it on top of your journal.  Place a crystal on it.  Crystals of clarity like Selenite or Apopyhlitte would be most potent.  As inspirations start to stream in over the next few weeks, show gratitude to the paper & write them in your journal.   Keep the process going.  Stay with the flow. 

The time of this solar eclipse is like a pause in the dark.  Wait here.  The light is coming soon.

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