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VIRGO FULL MOON ⚫ bring yourself back down into the earth

On March 1, 2018 we have a full moon in the sign of Virgo at 11 degrees.  This full moon wants you to accept responsibility for your actions.  To have integrity with yourself.  To go in and get a detailed look. To create healthy daily habits that will propel you forward.

What are the dreams that you have been calling into existence?  Now is the time to get practical with them.  Step by step.  And it all starts with you and your daily life.  Get into the details.  Have you been honoring and taking care of your vessel? Are you living out your daily life with integrity aligning with your goals?

Take inventory of where you are.  How far you’ve gotten.  What you still need.  Go in and find your answers.  There’s watery skies out there right now, so emotions are running high.  But your emotions can give you pertinent information.  

This moon’s energy is a great time to clean up.  Literally.  Clean your room, your house, your office space.  Create order.  A messy space means a messy mind.  Use this energy to create space.

Instead of my usual post with a full detailed reading of the current energies & ritual ideas, I was divinely guided to create journaling prompts. These flowed right out of me.  I believe for this full moon, it is more personal based on your birth chart on what you should really focus on. Below are intuitively written prompts that will help propel you forward with these full moon energies.

Read for the house that holds 11 degrees Virgo.  Don’t know which house that is? You can calculate your birth chart for free here.  Don’t know how to read your birth chart? Just write your birthday, time of birth & location in the comments and I’ll let which house to read for!

11 degrees Virgo in…


What kind of order in your life brings you to feeling most like yourself? What kind of structure can you create to support your essence?


What in your life makes you feel truly secure? How can you bring more of this in your life in an effective way?


How do you communicate with your body? How do you do it in an effective way? A healthy way? Can you communicate better? How? <<remember: communication is a two way street>>


What emotions do you need to digest right now? What does your past want you to learn and move on from?


What does your body want to feel right now? What senses want to be heightened? 


What areas of your life need a detailed cleansing? What habits need to be purged? Think of whatever is holding you back from your highest, healthiest version of yourself. 


What relationships in your life are healthy? What makes your relationships healthy?  What do you need to shed in order to ensure this health in all future relationships?  Are better boundaries required?


What are you ready to let go of so something new can be birthed? Write it down & burn it under the full moon. What’s that next step? 


What really inspires you?  What is that thing that you are so intrigued by? What makes you want to take action in practical terms? 


What drives you?  What inspires you? Make practical plans to accomplish your goals in alignment with what comes up.  


Which groups of people in your life could use a good detox? Don’t feel bad, they are not in alignment with your future.  


What areas in your life do you need more clarity on? Meditate on them. 

I hope these prompts serve you.  If you would like more clarity on yours, just write a comment & I’ll be happy to help. I wish you all a beautiful full moon full of love and magic.

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