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Welcome to Moon ☾ Spell

Hello, my fellow moon children!! I am so extremely excited to welcome you to Moon Spell!  You have just entered a space of magic, love and light.  Here we have the start of a place of insight, tips, rituals and of course, crystals to help guide you on your journey to be your most authentic and magical self.

This blog will be a place for all of us to connect, to build a community of like-minded individuals that can help & support each other during our own journeys to finding our true selves.

Currently, we are in a very intense eclipse season which is alllllllllllll about stepping into our truth, breaking away from our fears & following our heart.  We are experiencing serious energy shifts, sifting out all that no longer serves us, in order for the new to come in.  Personally, I have been feeling the energies of this eclipse season A LOT. Anyone else with me?!

Which brings me to why I am here right now writing this. I  had a calling to create this blog.  To bring something more to my passion project, Moon Spell, which was only an Etsy shop before today.  I was called on by the universe to create a space to share my stories, healing techniques and more as there are souls out there that this will speak to.  Creating this blog  has made me show up to my true self and live through love instead of fear.  And trust me when I say I  have felt carried through this entire process. I want you all to learn from this space.  I want this space to be an inspiration to those who are afraid to take the leap needed to be true to yourself, whether that be leaving a career or a relationship behind.  I want you to see and feel that shining light on the other side once you leave whatever it is you need to behind. I want you all to know that the universe has your back. You WILL be carried through your process by your guides.

So, if this all tickles your fancy, stick around! I will be posting healing techniques, releasing techniques, moon rituals & more all designed to help you on this journey.

As soon as you start believing in yourself & following your heart, you WILL see magic unfold in your life that will lead you to where you are meant to be.  We are all on this journey together – and I hope you will join me on mine through Moon Spell.








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