A 1:1 coaching journey designed to embody your own divinity, support you in your transformation and align you with your highest timeline.

In this container we will be…

  • Engaging in embodiment breathwork practices to bring you back into your body and live from your heart, not your head
  • Transforming your life into your dream life, a life you are in awe of
  • Using astrology to learn more about your soul journey, your purpose and gifts in this lifetime + to align with the current cosmic sky as it pertains to your chart and how to best utilize the current energies
  • Aligning with your own personal cosmic flow and rhythm
  • Coming home to yourself and to your body
  • Learning to work with and utilize the divine love and support always available to you from the universe
  • Aligning yourself, your energy and your nervous system with your desired reality and anchoring it into your current reality
  • Opening and softening your heart, your body to receive more pleasure and abundance in your life

What you will receive

  • Natal birth chart astrology reading (reduced price if you already had an astrology reading with me)
  • Embodiment breathwork practices to help you feel, heal and release stuck emotions, fears, blocks holding you back
  • Rituals, meditations, breathwork practices curated specifically for you and your intentions and desires
  • Bi-weekly coaching calls 
  • Ongoing text/voice-note support from me on anything that is coming up for you or you wish to be seen, held, supported or celebrated in
  • Accountability and support on anything you are manifesting or creating during our time together
  • “Homework” to anchor in whatever it is we are focusing on during our time together

This is for you if…

  • You desire support and guidance on your journey of awakening, creating your dream reality & magnetizing your desires to you
  • You want to live a life of passion, pleasure and purpose
  • You desire to live a heart and soul led life
  • You are ready to embody your most potent and magnetic version of you
  • You wish to remember your soul’s purpose, why you incarnated on this Earth at this time
  • You want to create something of potency and birth it into the world
  • You are coming up against blocks and old conditioning/patterning that are keeping you stuck and you are ready to move past them with ease and grace
  • You want to align with your deepest desires and dream life and bring it into your current reality
  • You desire support, tools and practices in your healing journey
  • You desire to live a life in flow and in alignment with your highest timeline
  • You desire to live a life where it gets to be easy and pleasurable in the journey of magnetizing what you desire to you
  • You are craving more depth and meaning in your life
  • You crave a deep connection with your soul, your body, yourself
  • You wish to magnetize your deepest desires to you and open yourself and your body to receive abundance, pleasure and joy beyond your wildest dreams
  • You want to create a feminine-energetic based business where everything flows to you without forcing or pushing
  • You wish to create a deeper connection with your body, where it becomes your inner compass and greatest tool of intuition and deep knowing
  • You desire to have clarity on your soul’s purpose in this lifetime and what your next steps should be on your path to aligning with it
  • You want to have clarity  and support on how to live your most aligned, pleasurable, abundant life
  • You wish to walk down the path of least resistance in creating your dream reality
  • You are ready to expand and elevate your consciousness
  • You want to learn how to tap into the quantum realm of possibilities available to you 
  • You desire to experience and embody REAL LIFE MAGIC

Weekly coaching calls can include:

  • 1:1 coaching with Angela
  • Breakthwork practices 
  • Light language healing
  • Ritual
  • Akashic Records readings
  • Story medicine
  • Channeled messages from your spirit team
  • Current astrology as it pertains to your birth chart
  • Aligning with your monthly/yearly numerology
  • Assistance on crafting your own daily personal rituals to anchor in this work we are doing outside of our calls
  • Anything else that seems fitting based on what you are currently experiencing/your heart and soul requires at that time

Are you feeling the call to step into your highest timeline?