Embodiment Breathwork Sessions

1:1 Embodiment Breathwork Session

Embodiment Breathwork is a powerful practice using breath, sound, and movement to allow stuck emotions, wounds, fears and traumas to be released. During this hour, I will guide you in grounding your energy, dropping out of the mind and into the body. This is a practice of coming home to yourself, helping you to peel back the layers of pain & fear, leading you to your essence. We will go on a deep, healing breathwork practice where you will come out on the other side feeling light and free. You will be leaving this session with bits of gold that were buried within you and an opened and softened heart. This session may include gentle coaching, oracle card pulls, light activations, angelic healing, shamanic journeying or anything else your heart may need during our time together. Session conducted via Zoom link provided upon booking.

Embodiment Coaching Session Packages

Get a discount on each embodiment coaching session with a 3, 5 or 10 session package! It is perfect if you want to go on a DEEP, TRANSFORMATIVE healing journey! You can choose the amount of time between each session. I recommend not going any more than two weeks between each to allow for deeper healing and transformation. For lasting benefits and transformations, embodiment sessions should be done frequently, without too much time between each session.

Embodiment Maintenance Package

A monthly 1:1 Embodiment Breathwork session to help alleviate stress on the body. This package is for those who already had at least one session with me and felt the benefits. This is a monthly practice and commitment to coming home to yourself, to healing and transformation, to building a sacred relationship with your body. This is perfect for those with busy lives, high stress jobs, or those that need extra commitment to their spiritual and healing journey. This is different from my Embodiment Packages as this is a 12-month commitment, starting from the month of your first session. This is a commitment to yourself, your healing, and your body. If you require deeper healing or transformation, I recommend the Embodiment Packages or the 1:1 three month journey with me, as the sessions occur more frequently with less time in between each session, allowing for deeper transformation.