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Meet Moon Spell

Angela Papa

Founder, Owner & Designer

My true love of crystals, spirituality, adornment through jewelry & star-gazing have all inspired my jewelry designs and flow into the heart & soul of Moon Spell. I have a calling to help others see the magic that is within them, to help them peel back the layers and feel into their true essence.

I launched Moon Spell with the mission to do just that – help others to look inside themselves and see that all the magic in the world is right there inside of their hearts. I truly believe that crystals are a gateway for humans to unlock our magic. To energetically heal ourselves. To open our hearts, minds & souls to the endless blessings and up-leveling we are all capable of receiving gracefully.

Moon Spell is a brand that is more than just jewelry; it provides you with the tools in order to heal and transform yourself into the highest version of you. Combining my knowledge of crystal healing, spirituality, astrology and all things mystic; I am here to create the perfect talisman to help bring out your inner power, gifts and transport you back to your truth. I want to show the world how through the use of crystals, astrology and leading deep a spiritual practice can dramatically change one’s mindset, thoughts, actions & life. I can say from my personal experience, that with the use of crystals, astrology, meditation, breath-work & moon rituals, I have been on a journey of deep healing, I have shifted my perception & I have seen magic unfold in every area of my life. I want Moon Spell to show others how easy it can be to witness some real-life magic, for their lives to transform for the better while navigating out of the darkness & into the light, and provide the tools & support needed to do so.