DECODING YOUR MIDHEAVEN – the path to your career success

DECODING YOUR MIDHEAVEN – the path to your career success


Have you ever wondered if you chose the right career? Maybe you are feeling the nudge to leave your current career, or are not feeling fulfilled. Maybe you are looking for some guidance on what your most successful, abundant career would be. Look no further, because the midheaven in your astrology chart tells you that!

The midheaven in astrology is also called the “career point” – because it does just that, points you to your most aligned, successful career!

In this masterclass you will receive:

  • A full explanation of the midheaven, the energetics of it, and why it is an important part of your astrology chart
  • How to find your midheaven in your chart
  • What it means if your midheaven is in the 9th, 10th, or 11th house (it can only be in one of those three!)
  • An explanation of midheavens through the zodiac signs (so you can know what it means for your midheaven specifically!)
  • How to use the midheaven for your own career success, abundance and ultimate fulfillment

WHEN: Tuesday May 31, 2022 6-7pm EST

WHERE: Zoom (link provided after purchase)


**BONUS!!** When you sign up for this masterclass you receive a FREE month of my new monthly membership, starting in June!!! This membership will include one monthly masterclass/astrology Q&A session and one group embodiment session a month, plus a living library of breathwork, embodiment sessions, and astral journey healing sessions! (This membership is a women only membership! For any men that sign up I will send you a copy of the Q2 Astrology Planner as your bonus 🙂 )

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