Grey Moonstone Dainty Necklace

Grey Moonstone Dainty Necklace


Dainty Grey  Moonstone Necklace on a 16K gold plated chain.

Necklace sits at collar bone and features an extender to make it longer.

Grey moonstone is a RARE stone of seeing beyond the veil. It is a powerful stone for the clairvoyant and the shaman, assisting you in moving into the unseen realms.

Grey moonstone is also called the New Moon Stone, and it does carry the mysterious and powerful energies of the new moon, where at that time all things exist as potential. It is a powerful magnifier of intention and can help you bring forth creations from the void.

Grey moonstone is rare to find in iridescent high quality, like ours! The pictures don’t do it justice!!

Chakra: Third Eye + Crown

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