SHIFTING TIMELINES – how to shift to your highest timeline + desired reality

SHIFTING TIMELINES – how to shift to your highest timeline + desired reality


Have you always held a vision for yourself, for your reality, and you haven’t been able to quite get there yet?

Maybe you’re currently working at a job that pays the bills, but you would rather be doing something that lights up your soul.

Maybe you’re currently still living in your hometown, or somewhere that you feel you  *should* be, but its not a place that inspires you or provides you all the things you are craving in a place.

Maybe you feel like you are settling in life.. and you know that is NOT what you came here for. You came here to live a FULL life, spiritually and materially.

If you are yearning for something greater, something bigger, something more aligned… you are yearning for your HIGHEST TIMELINE.

Your highest timeline is one that feels like pure magic. It is where you are living your dream reality. It is where you wake up one day, look around at your life, and think “Fuck…. everything I wanted.. everything I dreamed of… is now my everyday reality. I am so grateful.”

I want you to experience this feeling, love. And guess what? It is not as far away as you may think it is.

All it takes is understanding how to work with the energetics of reality, your desires, and allow yourself to be INITIATED into your highest timeline.

We are going to have a DEEP conversation about this on this masterclass, where you will walk away with the understanding and the tools to shift to YOUR highest timeline.

In this masterclass you can expect:

  • to learn the tools and the energetics on how to shift to your highest timeline
  • how to pinpoint what your highest timeline actually is
  • how to start living a life in alignment with your soul, where you are lit the f up by your life
  • receive 1:1 time with me where you receive energy healing + I help you start to align with your highest timeline (everyone who joins live will get this!!)
  • Q&A

WHEN: Thursday October 26, 2023 6-7:15pm EST

WHERE: Zoom (link provided after purchase)


However, if you make it live – you will receive a free energy reading and mini healing session at the end of the class!


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