Are you claiming 2024 as the year of your QUANTUM LEAP?

THE QUANTUM LEAP is a value packed 1:1 package incorporating astrology, numerology, transformational coaching & healing to ensure that this is the year you make your wildest dreams come true with the most ease and universal support.

In this three 1:1 session package, we will be incorporating…


Our first call is all about reading into the energy and what the universe is ushering in for you this year.

Astrology of the year: We will go deep into your astrological transits for the year, highlighting what changes will be occurring, where to focus your energy and understanding how to work with your transits.

Personal Year Numerology: You will receive a full reading on what your personal year number is, what to expect, and how to position yourself to make the most out of the numerology as it pertains to you.

This is a ritual I hold for myself and my clients at the beginning of each year to ensure that we understand what the universe has in store for us, the energy that is available to us to work with, and how to align with this energy to experience the most ease and flow throughout the year. It is a peek into the energetic field of your year so you can fully know what to expect and where the transformations will occur. This is to give you full clarity on what is available and what is to come.


Our second call is to pin-point what it is YOU desire for the year, what your big dreams are and how to align with them.

At this point we are clear of the energy that is available and what the universe has in store for you. Now, what is it that YOU want? We get super deep and crystal clear on your vision here.

We weave in your desires and the energetics and see where they meet. We will take stock of what in your life (patterns, beliefs, emotions, etc.) is not in alignment with this vision.

You will have me laser focus into what needs to shift, be released and alchemized in order for you to be an energetic match of this amazing f*cking dream that you are claiming for the year. From here we will plan on what needs to be alchemized and what you can do to make this dream your reality. Here we plan it all out!


Our final call is where we go supeeeer deep in the healing and alchemizing what we uncovered needs to shift and heal within you in order for this vision we constructed to come to life.

Now that we have seen the mystic side of your year and the energy the universe is ushering in for you, we have gotten super clear on what your HUMAN wants for the year and what is needed to get you there, now we get into the HEALING work where we alchemize any part of you that is not in alignment with the quantum leap you are set out to experience this year!

You will be led in a deep breathwork ceremony designed for you to release anything that is holding you back and is not in alignment with the new version of you that you are calling forward.

This session will alchemize your pain into gold, assist in releasing any fears and help you remove the emotions out of your body that are causing any misaligned patterns. You will receive energy work during the ceremony and channeled messages from your spirit team to assist in the deep healing process.

You have a vision for 2024. You have something you are calling in and you know who you want to become. Yet… you know you are not quite there, yet. Maybe there’s some beliefs that are not aligned with this version of yourself you are calling forward. There’s still patterns you are operating out of that are not aligned with this reality and the desires you are calling in. You want to become this magnetic, abundant, in awe of life version of yourself this year… but you know there’s some inner work, healing and clearing that needs to occur to be an energetic match for that first.