I am Angela Papa

I am a Mystic Guide, Intuitive Astrologer, and Transformational Coach. I serve as a bridge between the mystical and the physical. My soul mission is to help humanity heal and ascend to a higher vibration.  I am here to guide you through your transformation journey and support you through coaching and breathwork to release all the density, limiting beliefs, traumas, fears, etc keeping you stuck at a lower vibrational state. I believe every person on this planet came with a divine purpose, which I use a combination of astrology and channeled guidance to illuminate for clients.  I trust there is divine love outpouring from the universe and the cosmos that want to assist you in aligning with your purpose and bringing your deepest desires to life and my intention is to bring you into deeper awareness and embodiment of this universal truth. I am here to help you remember your essence, step into your most liberated life, while letting go of the patterns, fear and limiting beliefs keeping you stuck.

Astrology services

Astrology provides us with the blueprint to our most purposeful and aligned lives. Your astrological birth chart is a map of the sky the moment you were born, and when you work with your chart, you unlock your greatest abundance and most soul-fulfilled life.

Embodiment Breathwork services

Embodiment Breathwork is a powerful practice using breath, sound, and movement to allow stuck emotions, wounds, fears and traumas to be released. It is the sacred act of dropping out of the mind and into the body. This is a practice of coming home to yourself, helping you to peel back the layers of conditioning and fear, and leading you to your essence. A deeply transformational and healing practice.

3 month 1:1 coaching

My most potent, transformative, high-touch offering, a 3 month 1:1 coaching journey designed to align you with your highest timeline and step into a life full of passion, purpose, ease, and pleasure. During the 3 months together, we will be working with astrology, embodiment practices, light language activations and rituals as well as bi-weekly coaching calls in order to anchor in your deepest desired reality in the most aligned way possible. This coaching container is designed help you heal and completely transform your life.