“I spent 9 months working with Angela and can genuinely say from the bottom of my heart who I was 9 months prior to that is a complete 180 from who I was at the end. In that time I tapped into so many of my ickiest deepest darkest insecurities and worked through them to become the type of woman I always hoped to become. If you want to radically change your life and reach your fullest potential Angela is your girl! I have never felt more confident, vibrant, reassured and just full of LIFE in my entire life! She really is a miracle worker <3”

Vicki B.

“Angela is a true earth Angel. I did her 3 month coaching program and it was more than I ever dreamed off. The astrological insights, personal customized embodiment sessions, the continuous support and goal setting are tremendously valuable. Her intuition is spot on and at the same time we had fun exploring and building a genuine loving relationship. I can’t recommend her enough whether it’s just for an astrological reading or the coaching program. You’ll get your investment back in no time.”

Maai I.


“Pure. Magic. That’s the only way I know how to describe what working with Angela is like. There are no words, only transformation. If you feel called, don’t hesitate, jump in and allow the transformation to happen!”

Haley H.

“Angela is truly amazing at holding space for others. During our session together she helped me understand and navigate the BIG emotions I was feeling at the time. Her process is intuitive and loving and I trusted her and felt safe to open my heart to her. After our session I felt so much lightness and clarity around the situation that was giving me so much trouble. Thank you Angela!!!”

Ashley M.

“There had been a missing link and I just couldn’t work it out. We took that into breathwork where I ended up having such a powerful purge of toxic masculinity just leaving my system and body. I have been avoiding this part of me because it just seemed so endless, but Angela gave me the missing link. And since then, something has opened and has been pouring out of me, with breathing and journaling, giving me a whole new level of clarity and understanding. Allowing me to claim back my energy and power. SO EPIC. Angela is wonderful, she possesses a profound strength accompanied by an angelic softness that makes you feel so nurtured. She knows, she knows deep wisdom.”

Melinte R.

“It was a truly poetic. The way I left my mind slowly and then was totally in my body. Definitely left with some great wisdom in my body.”

Hailey K.

“Overall, Angela was very present and grounded throughout our session, which was so nourishing to receive. I felt that she was very tapped in and knew what I needed throughout. This session has stuck with me since and I’ve realized that the tools and guidance she used throughout our session were just so connected to what I was needing that day. I felt very seen and held.”

Sabrina C.

“Angela was so present with me and I really felt held and seen by her
deep presence. She led a beautiful drop in and her gentle guidance through talking,
card ritual, and practice had me feeling super safe and able to let go and feel.”

Karen K.

“I felt safe and could easily explore the visualizations which are normally a struggle for me. The insight I came away with is invaluable in decoding the puzzle in my childhood. Thank you!”

Amy M.

“I have a new appreciation for the power of breath work. I felt a release halfway through the session and after the session felt amazing, calm and more connected to myself.”

Kyla B.

“I feel that on a deep inner level I released pain and limiting beliefs about myself. I felt so connected to my body and soul. I felt as if a layer of my personal onion was peeled back so I can heal and move forward. I feel more in tune with my whole being. I believe this experience has allowed me to open up my gifts even more. I whole heartedly believe this experience has shifted my path and will allow me to reach another level of whole-ness. I am forever grateful to Angela, she is an amazing coach. I felt safe, guided, protected, respected, seen, accepted, loved and held through out my entire session. She is phenomenal!!”

Sabrina Z.


My astrology session with Angela was a key factor in uncovering my purpose on this earth. I wasn’t even sure I believed in Astrology, but I did it anyway and sure enough it is a milestone in my entrepreneurship journey. Her thoughtfulness in crafting your chart reading, plus the jewelry and coaching to go with it is more valuable than I can say. I highly recommend working with Angela!!”

Haley H.

“Angela was not only the sweetest but also super knowledgeable! I had never done an Astrology Reading before and I am just amazed with how accurate the reading was! It was such a rewarding, healing, and inspiring experience. I would highly recommend a session with Angela to anyone looking for an amazing experience but also for those looking for an opportunity to learn more about themselves.”

Illiana G.

“Thank you so much for such a thorough and eye opening astrology reading. It made me aware of some of my gifts that I hadn’t considered before. I also understood the different aspects of my chart on a much deeper level and learned a lot. I now know why I’ve lived the way I did and I realize that it was the right way for me. I was able to release another layer of judgment I had around not following societal/family expectations.”

Sonia P.

“I loved my reading with Angela! It gave me inspiration and direction to go after some ideas I’ve had for a while and now I feel more confident as to why I had them in the first place. I learned so much and loved every second of my reading. Also, the piece of hand crafted crystal jewelry is absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend to anyone interested in astrology and learning more about your purpose and direction. Thank you so much!”

Cynthia K.

“Angela is such a light. She helped to illuminate my birth chart for me, and brought clarity to so much that I hadn’t been able to see. I’ve always loved astrology, but have a limited understanding of it. Angela not only helped me to understand, but she did it with so much warmth and joyfulness. After our session, I felt refreshed somehow and ready to look at my life with some new lenses.”

Erin M.